Ixia Software Release Notes
UHD 1.1
Build Number: 1.1.82(October, 2020)

About This Release

Welcome to the UHD 1.1 release. This is the second software release for the Ixia UHD100T32, QSFP28 Ultra-HighDensity 32-Port Test System. 

The UHD application is a purpose built web application to run Layer 2 to 3 testing on a UHD platform. 
It lets users configure control plane using protocol emulation, build data plane traffic and also run RFC benchmark quick tests. 
UHD100T32 is a self contained system to which users can connect via a web browser to run tests as well as perform administrative tasks like license and chassis management. 

Please see sections below for application and hardware compatibility, new features, resolved issues, and known issues.

Application Compatibility

The following applications are compatible with UHD1.1:
Application Version
UHD Application 1.1
KCOS 1.1
Wireshark 1.8
Licensing 5.20
The following web browsers are compatible with UHD1.1:
Web Browser Version
Google Chrome 75 or newer
Mozilla Firefox 49 or newer
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or newer
Microsoft Edge 44.17763.1.1 or newer
Apple Safari 12.1.1 or newer
New features and bug fixes are provided through updates to the KCOS operating system and UHD application running on the UHD100T32. For the list of compatible components for the UHD100T32, use the on-line compatibility tool. For more information on compatibility, contact us at https://www.ixiacom.com/contact/info.


A UHD100T32 chassis must have appropriate licenses installed. The UHD100T32 chassis ships from the factory with the no licenses installed. 

Installing a License:

An email should have been received with your Activation Codes as per the option selected while purchasing. If it has not been received yet, please contact your Ixia Sales Representative or Ixia Customer Support. To add new license login to the UHD web interface and navigate to --> Top right Wheel menu -> Administration --> License Manager -> Activate License. On the next dialog enter all activation codes for the unit. Offline license registration is also available.

Installation Notes

UHD100T32 has all the software preinstalled on it. A supported web browser is required to access UHD100T32 web application.
Update UHD100T32 Software
1. Download latest UHD100T32 software update packages (tarballs) from  UHD Software update page.
2. Copy packages to a USB flash drive and plug the USB flash drive to a USB port on the UHD100T32 front panel. The USB disk partitions are visible under /media/auto/ directory in admin shell.
2. Copy packages over SCP/SFTP.
3. Run the following command
	kcos deployment offline-install kcos-deployment-service-[version].tar
4. Reboot the UHD100T32 with the following command
	kcos system reboot
5. Once system is up complete installation by running the below command:
	kcos deployment offline-install uhd-[version]-system-[version].tar
6. Once updated, reboot the system with command: 
	kcos system reboot
7. To verify update is successful, check software versions from admin shell with command: 
	kcos deployment packages show

For more detailed steps follow the link in additional documentation.

How to Report Problems

Ixia Headquarters

+1 877 367 4942 - Toll-free North America
+1 818 871 1800 - Outside North America
+1 818 871 1805 - Fax


Global Support +1 818 595 2599


APAC Support +91 80 4939 6410


Australia +61 74 243 4942


EMEA Support +40 21 301 5699


Greater China Region

+40 0898 0598


Hong Kong +852 3008 4465


India Office +91 80 4939 6410


Japan Head Office +81 3 5326 1980


Korea Office +82 2 3461 0095


Singapore Office +65 6215 7700


Taiwan (local toll-free number) 008 0185 6991


Additional Documentation

Please refer to our website at UHD Software update page.
A login and password is required to enter this section of the web site. If you do not have the username and password, please forward your request to support@ixiacom.com.

Field Notices

Safety Notice Regarding UHD100T32 Chassis

WARNING: In order to prevent accidental injury to personnel, do not leave the QSFP28 transceiver cages uncovered on the UHD100T32 chassis. When transceivers are not installed, port end caps must be used. The metal edge of the transceiver cage is SHARP. To avoid injury, ALWAYS keep the open transceiver cage covered with the end cap. Contact ISG Technical Support to obtain replacement end caps (part number 503-0012).

What's New

UHD 1.1 features

UHD now supports adding the VXLAN header to data plane traffic configuration.
Transmit equalization settings can be modified via the admin CLI. Refer to the getting started guide for the CLI commands and usage.
FEC Statistics such as corrected and uncorrected codewords are now available in UHD port statistics view.
Configurations up to 16 flow groups per 100G/40G port are supported in UHD 1.1. For 10G/25G, 4 flow groups are supported per port. For 50G, 8 flow groups are supported per port.
Up to 4 concurrent users can run test in a UHD100T32 chassis.

Known Issues List


Bug Number Notes
1547757 IPv6 Management is not working correctly in UHD. Only IPv4 management is available at the moment. Using IPv6 management will lead to the UHD application not working correctly.
1550259 The admin CLI password will get reset to the default password on system reboot.

Control Plane Capture

Bug Number Notes
1542963 In rare instances, control plane may fail after long duration captures of more than 2 hours.
1550235 The REST API for control plane capture may take up to 7 minutes.

Flow Tracking

Bug Number Notes
1546078 Starting traffic items without 'Flow Tracking' enabled will bring down protocol sessions. The workaround for this is to enable 'Flow Tracking' on all traffic items.


Bug Number Notes
1550867 For packet encapsulations of more that 2 headers, line rate may not be achieved for very small packet sizes.


Bug Number Notes
1546659 When running certain traffic scenarios the transmit rate may be off by more than 0.1%. The worst case deviation is 0.3% vs the desired rate.


Bug Number Notes
1545378 Intermittently, user defined statistics from the drill down action will not be created or will not show proper statistics.
1550875 When running 64B traffic at line rate with a single 25G/10G port pair, the real time traffic delta may be positive. This delta will be zero once traffic stops given there is no loss in the DUT.

Transceiver link

Bug Number Notes
1542992 If links are down after switching into an invalid speed mode for a transceiver, that transceiver may need to be removed and inserted back.